Sunshine Golden Retriever Rescue


Sunshine Golden Retriever Rescue is a 501c3 registered rescue group.  Since 2005, the volunteers of SGRR rescue Golden Retrievers who have been abandoned, abused or relinquished by their owners.  We are dedicated to finding the best possible homes for Golden Retrievers and Retriever mixes in need.

$5 from each Metal Rescue sold this month goes to support Sunshine Golden Retriever Rescue.

“Overall, our Goldens and Golden-hearted dogs make wonderful pets and adjust well to their new families. Although it does happen, SGRR rarely has “perfect” dogs in our rescue. We want our applicants to also know that rescued dogs come from a variety of backgrounds. Some dogs are older dogs, including well-behaved and cared for pets whose owners have become ill or died. Many rescued dogs will require continued behavioral work due to a lack of training, neglect, or abuse in the dog’s previous setting. A patient and loving owner can make all the difference.  From experience, we know that these dogs with “endearing imperfections” can move forward, provided their new family gives them necessary guidance and direction. Love is crucial, but love alone is not enough. Boundaries must be set and rules must be established. Strong human leadership is mandatory. The joys of seeing these Goldens become the devoted and contented pets they were meant to be is remarkable.

Going one step further, SGRR often takes in dogs that might appear “less adoptable” because of the physical conditions in which they have been found. We lovingly nurse the dogs back to health and find them homes that provide that extra TLC these dogs need.

Our adoption process begins when a homeless Golden Retriever is brought into rescue. Each dog is first provided a medical assessment and any necessary treatment including spaying or neutering, heartworm treatment, and vaccinations. We begin evaluating each dog’s personality and temperament from the moment they are welcomed into our rescue. We attempt to assess each dog’s behavior with other dogs, children, adults, and other animals when available. We observe our dogs to determine their level of house training, crate training, leash skills, knowledge of commands, ability to ride in cars, activity level, and exercise needs. Then, we carefully select homes based on the needs of each individual Golden or Golden-hearted dog.

Owners of rescued dogs can share with you that often their “ideal” dog turned out to be the one that did not immediately catch their eye, but were receptive to the suggestions of SGRR’s placement coordinators. At SGRR, our goal is to match the dog’s needs with the best home among our approved applicants. We encourage our applicants to keep open minds in terms of their preferences.”

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