FaQs. General Information

Where are My Metal Rescue's made?

Every My Metal Rescue is designed, laser cut and hand polished by our small team in Idaho! We take a lot of pride in what we do and love to help support the local community by keeping jobs in The USA and supporting great local charities with every metal rescue sold!

Can you make a My Metal Rescue from a picture of my dog?

We love our dogs and wish we could make a custom My Metal Rescue for every dog. Unfortunately it can take a week or more for our team to make each My Metal Rescue just right, so at this time we are unable to make custom My Metal Rescues.

How much is shipping?

Shipping within the United States is always FREE for standard shipping on every My Metal Rescue order!

Shipping to Canada is $20 for the first Metal Rescue in any order and $10 for every additional Metal Rescue in the same order.

How soon can I expect to recieve my metal rescue?

We strive to ship all of our orders within two business days and standard shipping typically takes and additional 1-4 days.

My dog's breed is unavailable, what can I do?

We are still a young company and have recieved dozens of requests. (we love the requests, keep them coming!) We are doing our best to work through the list. Each metal rescue can take a week or more for our small team to get just right, (we take a lot of pride in our dogs and don’t want to rush anything out!) but if you see something we’re missing let us know! We try to tackle the most requested breeds first.

Where do I put my metal rescue?

We try to size out everything based on where it fits best: Our smaller size fits great in a planter or pot either at your home or work! Our larger size looks great in yards, flower beds, and gardens. We also have an extra large size for any larger spaces you’re looking to fill! You are only limited by your imagination!

What are My Metal Rescues made from?

We use only Premium 11 gauge Corten Steel for every metal rescue. We don’t compromise on the metal quality we use and have found that 11 gauge steel makes all of our dogs very stout regardless of the size.

What is Corten Steel?

Corten Steel (also commonly referred to as weathering steel) refers to the chemical composition of the steel. This composition allows it to resist corrosion far better than other steels. This is due to the protective rust layer created on its surface caused by exposure to the elements.

Will My Metal Rescue change color?

Yes, if they are exposed to the elements. Metal Rescues are specifically designed to evolve and patina as the weather changes. This patina layer will change in color with the seasons and helps to add a distinguished look to your rescue. Unlike other steels, Corten Steel is designed to last decades exposed to the elements while only getting a surface patina.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to use our contact form below.