Pitties & Pals Rescue


“Pitties and Pals Rescue, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit animal rescue group. Our mission is to rescue dogs and educate the public. Although our main focus is the bully breed, we are committed to all dogs in need. We believe RESCUE involves a multitude of approaches that includes liberating dogs from “at risk” situations, whether in a shelter or with an owner in need of assistance. While adoption is always the ultimate goal, we believe transitioning into foster care allows for socialization and training that are key components to a successful placement.”

$5 from each Metal Rescue sold this month goes to support Pitties & Pals Rescue.

Pitties & Pals relies on donations, foster families and volunteers to do all the good work. Their dogs in the kennels are walked twice a day by volunteers who work on training the dogs so they are ready for their forever home.