Love of Littles Dog Rescue


Love of Littles Dog Rescue and Foundation started in July 2020 to help save animals and to assist those who need some help with spay/neutering/vetting. They are a 100% foster based rescue with fosters in 5 different states. They are not new to the rescue world and have been helping save animals for over 10 years. The founders of the rescue have taken in about 250 puppies over the 10 years as well as moms with pups, abandoned dogs and owner surrenders.

$5 from each Metal Rescue sold this month goes to support Love of Littles Dog Rescue.

“I, along with my husband, have been saving dogs since 2010. We have saved, helped, transported so many over the last 10 years… this is our passion. Some days are harder than others but knowing we are in this together, with our amazing support team, we are going to succeed in helping more dogs and will continue to help other rescues.”    -Karen S., Co-Founder

“Karen and I began this journey back in 2010 when we saved a mom with 2 sick puppies. We didn’t know much but we learned a lot from our trusted vet and others. After they went to amazing homes, we wanted to save more. We have taking in over 150 puppies in almost 11 years.”    -Mike S., Co-Founder