Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love


“Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love was born in 2009 to meet a major need in the world of rescue: the emphasis of quality of rescues instead of just quantity. We believe that our handling of each case should be top quality, even at the expense of time or money, so that in the long run we are able to make a larger dent in the quantity of dogs we successfully save. This translates into happier dogs and adopters. We have rescued over 823 dogs!”

$5 from each Metal Rescue sold this month goes to support Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love

“All dogs deserve a chance, regardless of age or medical condition. When we see a dog in need, we help it. We choose to count wags and kisses instead of pennies. All dogs should be in foster homes, not kennels, so they are socialized and learn basic manners while we learn about their personalities by integrating them into our own families. This allows an easier transition for the Danes and their adopters, creating a higher success rate when matching dogs with adopters.”