Friends of Linda L. Kelley Animal Shelter


Friends of the Linda L. Kelley Animal Shelter is the official nonprofit organization directly affiliated with the Calvert County Animal Shelter. Their mission is to accept and distribute public monetary donations for the betterment of Calvert’s homeless animals. The vision of Friends of the Linda L. Kelley Animal Shelter is to create and sustain a safe and humane environment for all of Calvert’s homeless animals.


$5 from each Metal Rescue sold this month goes to support FOLLKAS.

“We’ve all volunteered in shelters before, fostered countless homeless dogs and cats, adopted our own pets from rescues, transported animals to safety, fundraised, promoted and worked tirelessly for over 20 years each to assist various rescues here in Calvert County. With the new county shelter opening soon, we knew that they would soon be receiving animals with serious medical issues and not have the necessary funding. County-run shelters are funded with tax dollars. Because animals are rarely ever given priority when it comes to funding, animal shelters across this nation operate on severely limited budgets. We’ve seen it all too often where a shelter cannot properly care for a severely injured or ill animal due to a lack of funds. No animal should suffer or be denied treatment due to a lack of funding. Most citizens do not realize the bare-bones budgets that most animal shelters are given for their operations. Shelters across this great nation rely on donations from the public to provide everything that is truly needed to provide the best care possible.”