Donte's Den


The mission of Donte’s Den is to provide individualized attention, behavioral modification, and physical rehabilitation for every dog entrusted to their care. They honor the trust placed in them by all dog owners, especially those members of our military and first responders who cannot arrange for a home while deployed, defenseless dogs who have been discarded, and dogs whose owners can no longer provide a home for their loving companions.

$5 from each Metal Rescue sold this month goes to support Donte’s Den.

Donte’s Den has several exciting programs that they highlight:

Semper Paw: All active-duty service members serving in the U.S. Armed Services are eligible for the Semper Paw Military Assistance Program. Semper Paw will provide pet counseling services, discounted veterinary care, and temporary care for companion dogs during deployment, service commitments, and emergency hardships based on eligibility requirements and availability.

Lifetime Care: The Lifetime Care Program gives you the opportunity to determine exactly what happens with your furry friends in the event you cannot take care of your companion for any reason. By naming Donte’s Den as the guardian of your pet, you can rest assured that your dog or cat will have the care that you would give them yourself. Your wishes for veterinary/dental care, standards for comfort and routine, and funds for daily care and expenses will be respected as your pet will have a place where they can continue their tail wags, purrs, and cuddles!

They also have an adoption center where their adoptable dogs can be visited and adopted after numerous vetting procedures to ensure the dogs go to good homes, as well as boarding dogs whose owners are traveling or need a day away!

They do have a fully functional hospital on-site which allows them to partner with veterinarians to conduct clinics each month that are open to the public to get shots, vaccines, medicine, general exams, etc.

Donte’s Den is the realization of a long-time dream of Founder Marsha Panuce and her late husband Don. Named for the couple’s beloved standard Schnauzer, Donte, Donte’s Den has been thoughtfully designed to be a continuation of home for animals who need it.